About us

AULNEAU ROOFING is a Winnipeg-based roofing and exterior services company that specializes in a wide range of exterior services. We are proud to be serving Winnipeg, Rural Manitoba, and Northwest Ontario.

Our commitment to excellence, consistent performance, and positive customer experience has earned us a long list of happy customers and a positive review pattern throughout the years.

We are a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business and a ShingleMaster roofing company. We have been trusted with offering you a SureStart warranty upgrade that extends your product warranty from a 10 to a 50-year non prorated warranty when an Integrity Roof System is in place.

Our process of completing your desired project involves 6 easy steps and gives you the freedom to choose how involved you wish to be during the process leading to finalizing you estimate. No hassles or aggressive sales approach. Just better value than what the average roofing company has to offer you in Winnipeg.

Our process

STEP 1: Reaching out

You can do this by filling out the Request Form on our website, shoot us a quick text through our facebook or google page, or you can simply pick up the phone and give us a call at 204-441-8217.

In this step we will ask for your name, e-mail, phone number, and any information that may help us better curate an offer specific to your goals and needs.

STEP 2: Delivering your estimate package

Once we understand what your needs are we will put together a free estimate, following a thorough inspection of your roof system, which also involves the planning of what the project day should look like.

We take notes of each little thing that will need to be covered and protected around your house and your neighbours'.

Following the inspection we will provide you with an estimate package containing a detailed summary of everything that goes into your Roof System, accompanied by not-so-boring-easy-to-understand product and warranty information, as well as recommendations on what would work best for you, based on your goals, your budget, and the actual condition of your existing roof system.

In this step, you have the option to meet us in person and go through the information together, or we can e-mail you the estimate package, and if anything needs to be clarified, jump on a video conference call and go through the details.

We pride ourselves in being a rather paperless company, where, we made it possible for you to get an estimate, communicate with us, sign paperwork, and make payments; ALL ONLINE!

STEP 3: Terms Agreement

At this point, you'll have decided that you wish to hire us for your project. And this is the fun part. We will present you with a wide selection of (physical) shingle colours and styles and assist you in choosing the one that will make your house stand out the most. We will then set the terms for the project and book you for the specified date.

STEP 4: Project Day

This is the big day! The project day.

We kick-off at 8 a.m, with the expectation to be there for a good ten hours, if we anticipate the project to be a one-day roofing job. Otherwise, we will be there for the regular 8-hour day–to allow for our crew members to be in good shape for the next day.

This ensures that consistent performance is maintained throughout the entire length of the project. And also because, well, "happy team members, happy customers"

We begin by placing away all fragile objects to a safe area and covering other exposed structures around the house. We then run a caution tape around the front yard of the house–to alert walkers about potential safety hazards around the job site.

We put our safety equipment and we get our team together for a quick meeting to go over the safety procedures and make sure we all share the same goals and expectations for the day.

We then high-five each other and get rocking!

We begin by installing our safety equipment on the roof and start stripping it down to the sheathing.

We throw the removed shingles into the dump trailer and place the rest of removed products–such as vents and flashings–in separate bags to allow for a clean and easy recycling process later on.

We sweep all the debris towards the eavestroughs, which we then clean, and we remove the loose nails, to finally have a ready clean deck.

At this point we get a good outlook on what the rest of the roofing project will look like. We carefully inspect the entire roof deck for areas of concern and if we notice any excessive damage we will consult with you to give us permission to repair the sheathing damage at an additional cost of $2.5/sq.ft, as would be outlined in the initial estimate.

This is not very likely to happen if you act proactively and have your roof replaced when the shingles' lifecycle is still within the initial stages of its declining phase.

You can determine this yourself by watching for signs such as granule loss–characterized by darker spots on shingles and loose granules in your eavestroughs or on ends of downspouts on the ground.

Also, curling on the shingles' edges, spacing between shingles, surface cracking, blisters, algae stains, and other signs of aging.

If you're not sure, get an esimate anyways. It's free and it includes a comprehensive roof inspection.

STEP 5: Product Application

After the roof has been thouroughly inspected. We start the installation of the new roof system in order.

And as this is taking place, we keep the cleaniness of your property in check by running a magnetic sweeper around the perimeters of the roof, and collect the shingle waste to keep a clean and safe environment during the project.

Please refer to the roof system page for more information about what goes into your roof system.

STEP 6: Project Completion

This is the exciting part. At this point we will have completed the installation of your new roof system and brought your vision to life.

We add some final touches, where we apply a rubberized roof sealant on exposed nails and around roof penetrations, such as chimneys and places where the roof meets the walls. We also use a gas-powered leaf blower to blow away the remaining debris without compromising the integrity of the new roof.

Finally, the general manager will perform a final inspection of the roof system to ensure it was successfully installed according to the company's standards. He will then go through a quick survey with you to ensure there was no discrepancy between what you expected and what you were actually delivered. And if any, make sure it is addressed right away.

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