Additionnally to the visible aesthetic appeal they can add to your home. Soffit, Fascia, and eavestrough also have an important functional property and are critical to an effective roof system in your home.

As part of a complete roof solution, this is also a service that we offer in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.


An eavestrough is a drainage system that runs around the perimeter of your home's roof and collects rainwater and channels it into the downspouts to be directed away from your home's walls and foundation.

That said, making sure your drainage system is properly functioning means you're keeping the entire structural integrity of your home in check.

If, however, you're starting to notice that water is overflowing from the eavestroughs or dripping from places it shouldn't be, this can be the start of potentially bigger issues down the road.

Get in touch with us to get a free inspection and determine the seriousness of the problem.

Sometimes poor performance doesn't necessarily mean the gutters need to be replaced. They might just have to be cleaned or repaired.

If an eavestrough replacement is your optimal solution, we will give you an estimate to install a 5" seamless K-style eavestrough, which will both protect your home and improve its curb appeal.

The wide variety of colours available for you to choose from makes it easy to complement the existing theme of your home.


Soffits are the boards under your roof eaves while fascias run parallel to your roof line.

In addition to the aesthetic value they add to your home, Soffit and fascia, too, are important elements to a durable roof system.

The purpose of the aluminum fascia is to cover the actual fascia boards along your roof and give the soffit a finished look; whereas, the soffit is there to serve as intake ventillation by allowing air to flow continuously into your attic to have it released through your exhaust vent at the hight points of your roof.

Not having proper intake ventillation means that the warm air rising from the interior of your home during the winter, or the radiant heat that builds up in your attic during summer will remain there longer and eventually turn to moisture and damage the structural elements of your roof as well as insulation.

Not only that. Inadequate roof ventillation can also set the perfect stage for the formation of Ice dams .

If you feel you might be having moisture problems, Ice damming, high energy bills, or your promised 25+ roof system is starting to fail after 10 years from installation, this may be the reason why.

Give us a call and we'll find out for sure!

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