When considering the purchase of a new roof, you may be thinking of asphalt shingles. The top layer of roofing material that's visible to you. And while the shingles serve as the first and most important line of defense against the elements. There are other important components that make up your roof system and contribute to its durability.

1. Decking/Sheathing

This is usually a layer of plywood or wood planks which is nailed on to the rafters to reinforce the roof structure and provide a nailbed for the shingles and other roofing materials.

2. Drip Edge

Also called Eave flashing, this is 10-foot metal flashing that is installed along the roof edges to help divert water runoff away from the fascia, into the eavestroughs to ensure proper water flow away from your house's foundation. Without drip edge, water may find its way behind the eavestroughs, causing damage to various parts of your home.

3. Ice-and-Water Shield

This is a self-adhesive waterproof membrane built with a glass mat frame and modified asphalt that serves to protect eaves, valleys, roof penetrations and other vulnerable roof parts against ice build-up and ice damming. the bonding nature of the asphalt polymer that makes up the material allows it to stretch and seal around nails when driven through it.

4. Synthetic Underlayment

This is a 4-layer water-proof membrane composed of a scrim-reinforced woven polypropylene and it serves as a second line of defense in case of a high-wind shingle blow-off.

We apply this material over the entire roof deck before shingles are nailed down.

5- Starter Strip

The starter strip is another key component to an effective roof system. It is a starter shingle that contains an adhesive tar strip and is installed along the roof edge.

Starter strips can serve for a number of purposes:

- Adhesive tar strip holds the shingles down to prevent high-wind blow-offs
- Creates a water-proof base for the first row of shingles to join over a seamless line
- Creates a thicker edge along with the shingles to help prevent drooping around eaves and rakes

By using the starter strips on your roof we are able to offer you a 130-mph wind warranty.

6- Shingles

When it comes to protecting your roof from the elements, shingles are on the front line of defense and the product quality along with the workmaship and the ventillation system you put on your roof will determine how long it will last.

An asphalt shingle is a 2-piece laminated fiberglass-based material, designed to replicate the appearance of wood shake and it comes in a variety of styles and colours to complement your home.

We use CertainTeed Landmark shingles as they have proven to be the best in their class. They come with a 10-year SureStart non-prorated warranty where both material and labour are covered in case of a manufacturing defect, and because we have earned the ShingleMaster Company credential, we can extend the SureStart Warranty to 50 years when you choose the Integrity Roof System.

7- Shingle caps

The idea of waterproofing a sloped surface revolves around the notion of overlaping pieces of impermeable material one above the other, to have them then covered at the highest point of that surface.

This is where shingle caps come into play. They are bent onto the roof hips and ridges to prevent water from going underneath the highest row of shingles.

8- Ventillation

As mentioned earlier, ventillation is one the 3 biggest determinants of durability of a roof system, along with product quality and proper product application.

An effective ventillation system means cooler attics during the warmer months of summer and reduced moisture in the colder months of winter.

During summer, the steady flow of air carries heat out of the attic before it can radiate to the attic floor and when winter comes, the heated indoor air naturally travels upwards from the home into the attic to be freed through the exhaust vents.

To be effective, an attic must have adequate intake and exhaust ventillation relative to its size; in addition to an adequate attic insulation.

To help you get the most out of your roof system, we would do the math to determine the optimal amount of exhaust and intake ventillation required and plan accordingly.

There are multiple options to choose from depending on your goals and resources.

The Integrity Roof System

Think of the Integrity Roof System as an additional layer of protection that brings you peace of mind for just a little bit more.

How it works :

Standard shingle warranties that cover manufacturing defects are usually only liable for the cost of the shingle; a prorated cost from the time of installation.

The shingle brand we use comes with a 10-year SureStart warranty which covers the cost of both materials and labour required to repair or replace defective shingles, at a non-prorated rate.

When you install all the components of the Integrity Roof System, you qualify for a SureStart Plus warranty, which extends the non-prorated 10-year coverage to 50 years.

But, because we use most of the IRS components in a standard roof system package, to upgrade to an Integrity Roof System you only need to upgrade the Ice-and-water shield and synthetic underlayment.

The difference in cost is minimal against the long term value it provides.

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